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Software Development

We develop your software for you.
The application is professionally adapted to your
requirements and expanded.


In addition to the social media, a website
presents companies, schools, authorities, or even private individuals. This website must be informative, attractive and, if possible, interactive.

Network solutions

We offer various network solutions. Site networking with VPN, building and networking. We rely on reliable and secure hardware.

Graphics & design

Grafics & Design - A good design that suits you. A uniform corporate image is the basis for every successful business. You achieve a positive image in the public and familiarity for your company. Even authorities need a positive image.

Video monitoring

We offer video surveillance for security and privacy protection.


Wir bieten Wifi vernetzungen für Unternehmen, Behörden, Bildungseinrichtungen oder Private Haushalte.
Decken Sie Etagen und große flächen mit schnellem Wlan und unterbrechnungsfreiem Drahtlosverbindungen ab.